Sunday, October 18, 2009

Now Available from Amazon Kindle!

For those of you interested in the coming "print revolution," They Do Remember: a story of soul survival is now available for the Amazon Kindle at the low price of only $5.99. Click here to visit the Kindle Bookstore and make your purchase. We purchased the Kindle recently and are amazed with this new technology. Books are delivered wirelessly to your Kindle in less than a minute. Amazon recently dropped the price for the Kindle to $259 for the U.S. version and $279 for the U.S./International version. It can store up to 1,500 books. You can even subscribe to leading newspapers such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Chicago Tribune; and magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker, U.S. New & World Report, Fortune and Forbes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DUI Programs

After having worked in the field of addiction for over 20 years, I am increasingly alarmed about the quality of care provided in County Alcohol and Drug Programs in regards to Title 9, California Code of Regulations. In 1992, I worked for the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers when the white paper, titled “Treatment is the Answer, was published. Yet, sadly, today there are fewer treatment facilities and more DUI Schools.

Special interest groups have sprouted: CADAC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor) and NADAC to name a few, whose primary function is to get counselors certified and to collect dues for them.
They do nothing to improve the quality of work-life for the counselor who pays out of pocket for CEU’s, pays to attend networking conferences, and must pay to be a member of their organization. The DUI programs are mostly concerned with getting the “offenders” enrolled, collecting money and keeping up with required documentation—we have in our office seven full-time employees whose duties are crossing “T’s” and dotting “I’s”. Very little is done in the way of reviewing, monitoring, or improving the quality of our clients’ care.

Why must case managers or group leaders continue keeping CEU’s and certification current to conduct 15 minute “face-to-face” counseling sessions when our primary focus has become collecting payments, documenting attendance in groups, and rescheduling.
Are we counselors or wardens? With people transferring in and out at different intervals, it is not a “safe” therapeutic environment. We cannot force people to open up and talk if we treat them like prisoners and not “patients/paying clients.” The concern is always on how much time is spent in group…not on the quality of the lecture, films or group.

As I have experienced, Alcoholics Anonymous is not group therapy—group therapy is not A.A., and DUI School is neither … It is “group detention.”
The primary concern of the DUI School is to make money.

The “counseling staff” is mostly made up of part-time employees, with no cost of living increases, no benefits, no vacation pay, and under constant scrutiny to keep our hours limited. We, the counselors, are not even given the necessary time to prepare or review our files before appointment times for a face-to-face. Yet, the full time non-counseling staff, office receptionist, office assistant, and book keeper is paid to review files. Staff meetings are used to inform as to how much money is owed and how we, the counseling staff, must collect it.

Sandy Robins
Author of They Do Remember: a story of soul survival

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Treatment v. Punishment, and the Family

Why does it seem like we are spending more money on drug courts and punishment verses treatment? I have worked in the field of addiction and recovery for over 20 years and am sad to see the push for more jail or drug courts. Families suffer enough when one member is addicted. Now with groups like MADD and the drug courts, we are taking much needed money and time from the family. Why is the very system that is designed to prevent or stop adding to society's problems, only adding to those problems? If the client/person has money for drug court and all the attorney fees, why not "treatment?"

Sandy Cicero Robins
Author of They Do Remember: a story of soul survival

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calvary Chapel Revisited

Last week, friends of mine (the Nelsons) who attend Capo Beach Calvary gave me a copy of the newly published biography of Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel. Once again, God seems to remind me how important he has been throughout my life. I so enjoyed reading "A Memoir of Grace," written by Chuck Smith, Jr. The passage "Everything is preparation for something else" resonates with me.

I couldn't believe it when, halfway through the book, I spotted a photo from inside the tent; of me! and Jacque McClure, the woman who took me into her home. Jacque and her daughter, Lynn, had Bible studies in their home and introduced me to Calvary Chapel.

After running away from home, a Christian family took me into their home in La Mirada, California. They brought me each week to Calvary Chapel during the time when Calvary services were being held in a giant tent in Costa Mesa, Ca. Accepting the Lord and being baptized by Pastor Chuck Smith at Corona Del Mar State Beach, I boarded a bus for Eugene Oregon in 1972 to join one of the many growing Shiloh commune homes. I was seventeen, and one of the few followers able to attend outside public schooling while living inside the group homes.

To purchase "A Memoir of Grace" click here:

Sandy Cicero Robins
Author of They Do Remember: a story of soul survival

Parmadale; Looking Into The Past

Imagine my surprise to be in Facebook and someone, somehow found me, asking if I was related to _____ . "Yes," it was one of my brothers in Parmadale. The world seems to be getting smaller, connecting us through cyberspace.

In looking at the Parmadale Alumni photos, I found a photo of two other brothers. Wow, this is really cool!

To view the Parmadale websites, click on either:

Sandy Cicero Robins
Author of They Do Remember: a story of soul survival

Oprah Asks: Do They Remember?

Orprah recently asked guest Dr. Bruce Perry about child abuse neglect and if "they do remember." As many of my readers and others know, the answer is yes... They Do Remember. We do not get over it! But we can get through it.

After many years of struggling with addictions, failed relationships, numerous jobs ending, I was forced to look inside to the why--why was I not able to connect with others or even myself. Pain is pain. Yes, many children suffer horrific beginnings and some saddly die. We are here for a reason. We are here to connect. We are here to learn how to love. Each one of us has a purpose. Perhaps yours is to help someone else connect.

Sandy Cicero Robins
Author of They Do Remember: a story of soul survival

Now Published Through Strategic Book Publishing

I am proud to announce that They Do Remember: a story of soul survival is available through Strategic Book Publishing.

ISBN 13-Digit: 978-1-60693-212-4
ISBN 10-Digit: 1-60693-212-8