Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calvary Chapel Revisited

Last week, friends of mine (the Nelsons) who attend Capo Beach Calvary gave me a copy of the newly published biography of Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel. Once again, God seems to remind me how important he has been throughout my life. I so enjoyed reading "A Memoir of Grace," written by Chuck Smith, Jr. The passage "Everything is preparation for something else" resonates with me.

I couldn't believe it when, halfway through the book, I spotted a photo from inside the tent; of me! and Jacque McClure, the woman who took me into her home. Jacque and her daughter, Lynn, had Bible studies in their home and introduced me to Calvary Chapel.

After running away from home, a Christian family took me into their home in La Mirada, California. They brought me each week to Calvary Chapel during the time when Calvary services were being held in a giant tent in Costa Mesa, Ca. Accepting the Lord and being baptized by Pastor Chuck Smith at Corona Del Mar State Beach, I boarded a bus for Eugene Oregon in 1972 to join one of the many growing Shiloh commune homes. I was seventeen, and one of the few followers able to attend outside public schooling while living inside the group homes.

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Sandy Cicero Robins
Author of They Do Remember: a story of soul survival

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